Originate in 2018, London UK, JUNO MALLET is a unique watch brand working to make the watch & fashion industry better by designing premium but affordable watches, with exclusive materials solely used in the manufacturing of high-end timepieces. Our strength shows in the design of the watches: eye-catching ladies watch, crystal lively locket watch with charms, premum two watch dials series, multi bezels wristwatch, high-class business watch, and other replaceable watchbrands. Watches vary from camouflage pattern to wool grain, Hawaiian traits to autumn leaves, universe to starry sky… Each one have its own features. It’s hard to catch up with the ever-changing beauty of them.  All JUNO MALLET online stores and trademarks are owned and operated by AMC Brand Management Limited.
The avant-garde design makes the watches youth and fashion-oriented. It also perfectly combines the retro and avant garde, not only having inherited the traditional handicraft of precision manufacturing of European watches, but also infusing distinctive North European navigation culture and the Scandinavian minimalist design. 
“Make the dials as pure as the Arctic Ocean and blue sea water; Engrave ancient civilization and cutting-edge fashion culture of modern times around the world into the watchbands”.   ———— JUNO MALLET


Do it your self! You'll make your dream come true! Endless collocations meet luxury with Crystal Lively Locket Watch. Crafted in durable brushed rose golden stainless steel, and featuring luminous crystals, design the look that means the most to you by adding charms to tell your story. Pair this watch to show your differences, also store some gorgeous and delicate decor inside to tell your stories or represent your loved ones. It's a good mind as well to shop as a meaningful gift for someone important in your life.

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 Endless collocations also meet luxury with the Two Watch Dials Collection from JUNO MALLET. It's a watch in this collection with the many appearances to choose from which let you easily customize its appearance based on your mood, likings and outfits of the day! Pairing this watch, you're able to define or redefine the watch appearance whenever you like, from bezels to dials, to straps, you make your own choice for yourself free as your wish. That's why fashion goes with you!

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1 watch 7 appearances. From Monday to Friday, everyday you're free to change your daily collocation among these 7 different luxury bezels. These Wild&Free start with classic gold and eggshell white, their essential elegance holds with a very modern edge, which is the only beauty that never fades. Click here for details.